Client feedback

Feedback from some of our recent clients
IP, London
September, 2019

“The expert was professional honest, direct and prepared.  He delivered a high quality bespoke support and enablement programme that not only educated the practice on how to evidence quality but also initiated a journey of how to ensure the quality was sustained with adopting new systems and leadership within the organisation.

The visits and mock inspections helped prepare all members of the organisation and grew the overall confidence of the administrative and management teams in particular.

I would recommend this company to any NHS or private practice who have a CQC inspection upcoming as well as newly merged practices.”

SW, London
August, 2019

“We used the expert recently to aid us in our preparation for our CQC inspection in our GP practice.  The expert was very professional and gave us some great advice and support.  He facilitated our sessions to enable us to make an action plan that we followed leading up to our inspection.

The expert gave us great support during this time, he was on the end of the phone as well as the face to face personal sessions for us any time we needed him.

The support given to us by the expert was great and I would highly recommend his services.”

JM, London
August, 2019

“CQC is always changing what it wants from practices.  The regulations tighten in some areas and loosen in others, and it is difficult to keep up with it all on their website.

What we found exceptionally helpful was that the expert was on the ball and knew all of the regulations.  We prefer to have a detailed pre-inspection visit by an expert who is able to focus on our areas of development, than wait for inspection day to find out.

We look forward to the expert coming back and re-visiting us soon, so we can have an objective way of staying on top form!”

CB, London
June, 2019

“My first impression about the expert was his prompt response and flexibility in scheduling a meeting with our surgery when we contacted him for assistance in preparation for our CQC inspection.  His attention to detail and frank discussion about what needed to be done encouraged us to put our best foot forward for the inspection.

He did not mince words and his guidance was invaluable to the admin staff, the Practice Manager, the Nurse and the Clinical Staff.

I will definitely recommend him, not just for inspections but for the general compliance with good practice in primary care.”

SK, London
April, 2019

“The expert helped us with preparing for our CQC visit.

He helped us over a span of several weeks and was very professional and forthcoming with advice. He identified problems that we had not realised were there and showed us how to tackle them.

He was consistent and motivating and didn’t hold back telling us when he felt progress was not happening as it should be. He set us weekly tasks and goals which we were to achieve by his next visit.

With the expert’s help, we achieved a ‘Good’ rating, where previously it had been ‘Requires Improvement’.”

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